The Hormone Cure with Dr. Sara Gottfried

In THE HORMONE CURE, Harvard/MIT-trained integrative physician/scientist and board-certified gynecologist, Dr. Sara Gottfried, tells women exactly what they can do to optimize their hormones — without drugs, hormone replacement therapy, or a prescription for antidepressants and sleeping pills. Women are constantly told that physical and emotional distress are just part of being female.  They’re assured by their doctors and society, that weight gain, sleeplessness, diminished sex drive, hair loss, fatigue, depression, and wrinkles are natural symptoms of fluctuating hormone and an unavoidable part of being a woman. This information is both false and harmful. Being a woman doesn’t have to mean feeling bad and chronically overwhelmed. Hormonesdon’t have to be the enemy. In truth, there are simple, practical, and scientifically proven solutions for balancing hormones and alleviating the most common symptoms women experience.‬

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