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My practice involves a blend of naturopathic and Chinese medicine. At first glance, the two traditions seem quite different from each other. For instance, Chinese medicine is over 4000 years old. Although naturopathic medicine can trace its roots to the ancient Greek physicians, its modern manifestation is a couple hundred years old and is a blend of European and American herbalism, nutrition, and modern science. Chinese medicine uses the ancient diagnostic techniques of tongue and pulse diagnosis whereas naturopaths often use both conventional and cutting-edge modern laboratory testing. Chinese medicine today places a strong emphasis on herbal medicine and acupuncture, whereas naturopathy uses nutrition as the cornerstone of its philosophy.

Despite these differences naturopathic and Chinese medicine complement each other quite well. Both of these approaches place a strong emphasis on individualized healthcare, treating the whole person, and helping patients achieve greater harmony both within their own bodies, and with the environment they live in.

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