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Mind Over Meds with Dr. Andrew Weil

In Mind over Meds, bestselling author Dr. Andrew Weil alerts readers to the problem of overmedication, and outlines when medicine is necessary, and when it is not. Dr. Weil examines how we came to be so drastically overmedicated, presents science that proves drugs aren’t always the best option, and provides reliable integrative medicine approaches to treating common ailments like high blood pressure, allergies, depression, and even the common cold. With case histories, healthy alternative treatments, and input from other leading physicians, Mind over Meds is the go-to resource for anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Natural Solutions for Dementia & Alzheimer’s with Dr. Marilyn Glenville

You may fear dementia is in your genes but it is not inevitable that you will succumb to the disease. The way you live your life can make a huge difference to your future. Dr. Glenville discusses how the wrong food choices can harm your brain health, what the best types of good brain food are to keep your brain healthy, which supplements can improve and boost your brain function and stop short term memory loss, what lifestyle factors you should avoid and include to help improve your memory, and the most important tests to show if you have any deficiencies that could be affecting your memory and concentration.


Integrative Pain Management with Dr. Traci Stein

Living with pain can be a daily struggle. If you are suffering from chronic pain, sometimes even small tasks can be difficult to accomplish. But there is hope. With The Everything Guide to Integrative Pain Management, you’ll learn about the different options for managing pain with an integrative plan, that can include conventional therapies, such as medications, devices, or procedures, with natural and mind-body therapies, such as biofeedback, meditation, proper nutrition, exercise, and more.


The Case Against Sugar with Gary Taubes (Part Two)

The Case Against Sugar with Gary Taubes (Part Two) Health and science writer Gary Taubes returns to Healthwatch to continue his conversation with host Dr. David Naimon. In Part Two Taubes discusses how the effects of sugar consumption are passed down through generations, and why, because of this, removing sugar alone might not be enough. He also discusses the sorry state of nutritional science. and what Taubes is trying to do to help remedy this.


Natural Remedies for Menopause with Dana LaVoie

Uncontrollable weight gain and boiling hot flashes, crying one minute and angry the next… Menopause (or peri-menopause) is here – it’s taking over your life – and you’re seriously ready to get some relief and feel like yourself again. Masters level acupuncturist and herbalist Dana LaVoie’s passion is helping women who are frustrated and struggling with menopause to find relief naturally. She wants women everywhere to know the techniques Asian women have always known about balancing hormones naturally. It’s like a roadmap for hormones – and for some crazy reason – no one here in the states has that map! Her mission is to share this information with as many women as possible. Her website is:


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