7-Day Allergy Makeover with Dr. Susanne Bennett

THE 7 DAY ALLERGY MAKEOVER lays out action-oriented, step-by-step instructions on how to uncover the root cause of allergies, and how to make simple but specific changes that can stop allergy symptoms from recurring. What began as a mother’s desperation to save her son has led to a comprehensive program that helps a broad range of allergy sufferers heal themselves naturally. As an allergy specialist, Dr. Susanne Bennett sees roughly 100 patients a week. They come to her after exhausting every resource: doctors, medicines, creams, shots, you name it. They suffer from hives, sneezing, headaches, asthma, muscle aches, swelling and digestive problems, and more. THE 7 DAY ALLERGY MAKEOVER, based on 23 years of Dr. Bennett’s clinical experience, is an easy-to-implement and transformational plan for eliminating allergies from your life forever.  Each chapter in THE 7 DAY ALLERGY MAKEOVER focuses on a different aspect of health and environment for a person suffering from allergies–nutrition, air quality, living environment, water, body hygiene, and emotional and mental stresses.

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