The First Twenty Minutes with Gretchen Reynolds

Can one exercise too much?  What is the right amount?  Could stretching be counterproductive?  Or even harmful?  Do cortisone shots inhibit healing?  Could something as simple as standing more often actually improve our health dramatically?  New York Times health and fitness columnist, Gretchen Reynolds,  discusses the latest research in exercise science as found in her book, The First Twenty Minutes, science that overturns many long-standing beliefs about exercise, health, athletic performance and longevity.

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  1. Great talk, I’m getting the book. For those with injured knees (and ankles) there are several effective ways to rebuild an injured knee (and ankle) so that running can be resumed. Prolotherapy and platelet therapy rebuild the strength of the knee using injection therapy. The structures and the integrity of the medial collateral ligaments, lateral collateral ligament and the ACL and PCL are improved with prolotherapy. The cartilage (meniscus and articular, and infra patellar cartilage) can be “refreshed” by these methods. Cartilage can heal. In rehabilitating and injured knee well done custom foot orthodics to stabilize and improve the mechanics of the foot, ankle and knee. The careful use of knee bracing is helpful in rehabilitating an injured knee in conjunction with prolotherapy.

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